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  • I think we, the travelers by heart, the ones that can’t stay still and have that constant urge to meet the world, have an advantage. Traveling opens your mind, teaches you constantly about culture,  history and nature, and makes you conscious about what we are doing and how our impact can save us or damage us. And we, the ones that can tell the difference, have the obligation to do something and try to make our planet a healthy one ☺️
Lets take care of our world... we only have one! 
Happy Earth Day! 
Ph: Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego. Argentina. .
Creo que nosotros, los que somos viajeros con el alma, que no podemos quedarnos quietos y que siempre tenemos dentro esa pasion por recorrer el mundo, poseemos una gran ventaja. Viajar te abre la cabeza,  continuamente te esta enseñando sobre cultura, historia y naturaleza, y nos hace ser mas conscientes de lo que hacemos y como eso impacta todo lo que nos rodea. Y somos nosotros, los que podemos notar la diferencia, los que tenemos la obligacion de hacer algo al respecto y cuidar a nuestro planeta. 
Cuidemoslo bien, es el unico que tenemos!
Feliz dia de la Tierra! 
Ph: Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego. Argentina.
  • How Sundays should be like... 💕 
Ph: Fowey, Cornwall. UK.
  • "What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be".- A.K.A. the photos all over #Instagram and #Pinterest ☺️ . And I'm not sure who said that, but totally applies to this #traveltuesday post. 
Nowadays, we get enormous amounts of information. We search for travel tips and data to plan our trips and we look at so many pictures of the places we are going to visit. And I still believe that is a great resource for a better planning and decision making, but... what happens when you drive almost 2 extra hours, even schedule your time so well to arrive there by sunset for better picture taking... and you find out that the place is not exactly as you imagined it to be? 😱 and worst is packed with TOURISTIC BUSSES!!! 😫 Big, reddish tourist busses covering all the view. 😭 This was the only picture I managed to take from only half the road and with a little help of photoshop later. I wanted so badly to see the "Road to King's Landing" 😥
The place is actually called the Dark Hedges, and located in Northern Ireland. But got a little famous now after Game Of Thrones used it as film location. Guess I am not the only GOT fan who wanted to visit this spot, right? 🤦‍♀️
After my #epictripfail my advise to you is, if you want to really see and enjoy this place, go early in the morning!!! Really early.. thats when those nice picture you are seeing online were really taken. If not, do not waste your time driving there, unless you are already in the area. 
Ph: Dark Hedges. Northern Ireland.
  • Happy Monday!!! Lets start the week with some travel planning inspiration, to make it easy to go through the day without missing the weekend too much, shall we?
In case you missed it on my stories, a new post is on the blog with a little tutorial on how you can use Google Maps to plan your next trip... hope you like it!!! [link on Profile]
Feliz Lunes!!! Arranquemos la semana con un poco de inspiración viajera para hacer mas llevadero el inicio de semana, les parece? 
En caso de que no lo hayan visto en las stories, hay un nuevo posteo en el blog sobre como usar Google Maps para planificar tus proximas vacaciones... espero les guste!!! [link en Perfil]
  • Here & Now... Just breathe, relax, focus... Lets kickstart April 💪😉
Ph: Kenwood House. Hampstead Heath. London. UK.
  • Another 📸 from last November at Kenwood House 💕
Hope you are having a great Easter Time! Mine will be up in the air, where else if not? 🙈 #sorrynotsorry #canthelpit 
Ph: Kenwood House. Hampstead Heath. London. UK.
Otra 📸 de Kenwood House, de Noviembre pasado 💕
Espero esten pasando unas muy lindas pascuas! Las mias seran a 35.000 pies, donde mas sino? 🙈
Ph: Kenwood House. Hampstead Heath. Londres. Reino Unido.
  • Beautiful Kenwood House 💕
Formerly a state home, Kenwood House is located on the edge of Hampstead Heath, in London. It served as a seat for the aristocratic Murray and Guinness families and had various tenants. Today, is one of those hidden gems that are open to the public for us to visit and enjoy. Ideal for warm days, so you can also take advantage of the huge park that surrounds the house. It may not be a place to put on your list if you are a first time tourist in London. But if you have the extra time, you should think of visiting this English Heritage Site, as you can also enjoy beautiful panoramic views of London at Hampstead on your way up. 
Ph: Kenwood House. Hampstead Heath. London. UK. .
La Hermosa mansion Kenwood 💕 
Esta mansion aristocratica, ubicada en los bordes de Hamsptead Heath, en Londres, albergo a las familias Murray y Guinness, asi como tambien a otros terratenientes. Hoy es una de estas joyitas que estan abiertas al publico, para visitarlas y deleitarnos con su historia. Es ideal para dias calidos, para poder tambien sacar ventaja del gran parque que la rodea. Quizas este lugar no sea un must para aquellos que viajen a Londres por primera vez, pero si llegaran a tener un poquito de tiempo extra tenganlo en cuenta. Las vistas panoramicas a Londres desde el parque tambien son un dato a considerar. 
Ph: Mansion Kenwood. Hamsptead Heath. Londres. Inglaterra.