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  • “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” - Jim Bishop. 
Happy Autumn!!! [or spring time for the ones up north 😜]
Ph: Dublin, Ireland... during their autumn times 🍂 .
“El otoño lleva consigo mas oro en sus bolsillos que cualquiera de las demas estaciones.” - Jim Bishop. 
Feliz Otoño!!! [o primavera para aquellos que estan bien al norte! 😜]
Ph: Dublin, Irlanda... durante su temporada de otoño 🍂
  • Short layover in Chile today, just for a few hours to get some rest and keep flying... so no vineyards excursion, or shopping time for me on this one. But I did manage to escape for at least 2 hours and on my stories I show you where 😉
De paso x unas muy poquitas horas en chile, solo para descansar y seguir volando... hoy no habra excursiones ni visita al shopping, pero si logre escaparme dos horitas y en las historias les muestro donde 😉
  • Autumn, I am ready for you! 🍂 
Ph: Arauco Park. Santiago. Chile.
Otoño, estoy lista! 🍂 
Ph: Parque Arauco. Santiago. Chile.
  • Le France... DIsney Style!
At EPCOT, there are 11 countries featured in a World Showcase, where you can enjoy a little of the country's atmosphere, meals and merchandise. I highly recommend checking the different dinning experiences... and if you are traveling with kids, do not skip Norway!!! The World of Arendelle can be found there.
Ph: Epcot. Disney World Orlando. Florida. United States.
Francia... Disney Style!
En EPCOT podes encontrarte con la Vuelta al Mundo... Un pabellón que nuclea a 11 de los paises del mundo, donde podemos disfrutar un poquito de la atmosfera, las comidas y el merchandising de cada lugar. Recomiendo aprovechar las diferentes opciones de restaurants que se ofrecen aqui. Y si viajan con chicos, no se salteen Noruega! El mundo de Arendelle esta ahi. 
Ph: Epcot. Disney World Orlando. Florida. Estados Unidos.
  • One of the saddest kids movies of all times... but such a cute little elephant 💕 Wouldn't you agree?
Ph: Magic Kingdom. Disney World Orlando. Florida. United States.
  • Once MGM, now Hollywood Studios.. but still the same main theme, MOVIES! 
Ph: Hollywood Studios. Disney World Orlando. Florida. United States.
  • When in Magic Kingdom.... indulge yourself and be a princess 👸 or wear your ears with pride 💕 
Ph: Magic Kingdom. Disney World Orlando. Florida. United States.